Cover Design Workshop with School Kids

Hello from the Design desk at Piccadilly Press in the very busy central London,

As it’s my first post in the Piccadilly blog, let me introduce myself: I’m Mina aka the Designer Blogger, and from now on I will be showing you all the exciting new covers, lovely books and inspirations that make their way to my Design desk. We Designers really have all the fun so expect loads!

A few days ago a group of 15 students aged 11 and 12 from a local secondary school (where an amazing Hot Key Books author teaches) came to visit to learn the ins and outs of the everyday life in a Publishing House. We talked about Book cover Design and discussed what makes you pick up a book at a bookshop or library: is it the title, the illustrations, the shiny finishes or the colours and overall design? The girls were amazing and helped make some important final decisions about colouring on a cover that’s coming out in the next few weeks (still top secret but follow this blog for the great cover reveal!).

At the end of our chat we had a little workshop and I showed them some rough drawings I’d been working on for Ciaran Murtagh’s new book, I asked them to help me with the design and they came up with some incredibly creative suggestions.

These were my original ideas and sketches for the cover. Here we have Finn, the main character, writing on his magic Diary – whatever he writes on it becomes real! Who wouldn’t want to have one?

I also tried adding some colour:

Now for the girls’ incredible work, how amazing is the lettering on Deborah’s cover? It really makes you want to read more, doesn’t it?

I really loved the expression on Finn’s face on this one and the fact that the Diary is so gigantic and fun! Sadly she didn’t sign it so if you’re reading this please let us know, you’re a great designer!

Jenny’s was another great example of beautiful lettering, don’t you just love the curls on the title and the blocky letters for Ciaran’s name? Looks like it was made with Lego, brilliant!

If you want to see the rest head over to our tumblr [Part One and Part Two!] where we have the full collection and if you want to try your hand at it why don’t you tweet us your Design?

Until next time!

The Designer Blogger

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