You’re in for a treat today! As we told you back in August, we will be publishing a new young fiction series from the brilliant, funny and fabulous Lucy Coats in January 2015. The BEASTS OF OLYMPUS series follows eleven-year-old Demon as he becomes the stableboy to the gods of Olympus and must learn to look after cute flying horses, a sarcastic Griffin and a deadly Giant Scorpion (among many others … ). The books are funny, sparky adventures filled to bursting with an extraordinary cast of characters (some more beastly than others … )

We knew that we wanted the covers to be illustrated, but the challenge our designer Mina had was to find someone who would perfectly capture the fun and friendly atmosphere of the books … So, we’re especially thrilled that the inimitable David Roberts came on board to illustrate the covers.

And now (drumroll please … ) we can finally reveal the covers for the first two BEASTS OF OLYMPUS book – BEAST KEEPER and HOUND OF HADES.

BEASTS OF OLYMPUS: BEAST KEEPER (Demon and Doris the Hydra. Yes, Doris)


BEASTS OF OLYMPUS: HOUND OF HADES (Demon and Hades' pet dog Ceberus)

What do you think? We’re really rather in love with them (personally, I’m especially loving Demon’s hair … )

And wait, there’s more! Not only is David Roberts illustrating the front cover, he has also bought the beasts to life briliantly inside the book! Here’s a sneak peak …

So there you go – you first official preview of a totally delightful, funny and action-packed series. We’re so extremely excited to be publishing them, and can’t wait for kids up and down the country to get stuck in! Let us know what you think!

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