We Can’t Live Without Books

We were going to post on something else today, but have been happily distracted by the news that James Patterson and World Book Day have teamed up to give loads of money for books to some school libraries. Get your school involved!


They are spreading the word by asking people to say #cantlivewithoutbooks, and people are going nuts on Twitter.

We DEFINITELY can’t live without books, and here’s why:

Because it’s the only way to squeeze more lifetimes into my short one. – Jenny, Editor

Because without books we have no stories and with no stories we have no hearts! We’d be a whole world of tin men. Except we wouldn’t know who the tin man was… – Rosi, PR Manager

When I have a wonderful book to read, I forget how much I look forward to the journey to work – waiting at the bus stop, dying to get back to it. – Ruth, Rights Director

Because a house only smells like a home if it’s got books in it! – Julian, Commercial Director

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I go into a book shop time just slips away and usually I will leave hours later, empty handed but elevated, as if I just spent a few hours with friends. – Jan, Designer

Because although the modern world could get along perfectly fine without books, it’s not a world I ever want to live in. – Shane, Business Manager

And my hands down favourite is from Tristan, our production controller:

Staring at the spines on my bookshelf is like viewing a timeline of my life.

Now, here’s a question for you. What BOOK can’t you live without?

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I'm the Fiction Digital Director at children's and young adult fiction book publisher Hot Key Books and Piccadilly Press. www.hotkeybooks.com @HotKeyBooks @PiccadillyPress.

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