Piccadilly Past – Dr Who

DrWhoThe TardisInsideAndOut

I’ve been wanting to post about this since my first exploration through the archive shelves. This is DOCTOR WHO: THE TARDIS INSIDE OUT, published in 1986!

What a cover!

30 years ago, Brenda Gardner, the founder of Piccadilly Press, worked with the BBC and producer John Nathan-Turner to produce a guide to the (then) six Doctors and some behind the scenes glimpses.

This is a proper collectors book, out of print and very hard to find now. The illustrations are very of their time…


If I get enough comments on this blog, I’ll post a few more pictures or pages. Maybe comment on what is the best Dr Who episode?

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I'm the Fiction Digital Director at children's and young adult fiction book publisher Hot Key Books and Piccadilly Press. www.hotkeybooks.com @HotKeyBooks @PiccadillyPress.

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