Our New Logo

We’ve been getting such positive feedback on our new logo these past few weeks that we really couldn’t wait to tell you more! It all started a good 6 months ago when we all got together to discuss what we were looking for. We wanted something that was fun, warm and lively.

As a starting point, we created a mood board, which is a very helpful tool as it puts all those words into visuals. The result evokes a feel (or a ‘mood’) for the logo:


Then we started sketching and putting ideas together, one of the initial concepts was ‘Building stories’ creating letters as you would with building blocks:


It was fun but it was really not warm enough, we needed something that would truly represent Piccadilly’s unique personality and so we went back to the sketching board (quite literally!) and drafted what would become the new logo.


The hand lettering feels warm and playful but is easy to read and balanced. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Our New Logo”

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